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The Ndlovu Youth Choir is an amazing, dynamic choir ensemble from a village in Limpopo in South Africa. They lit up the stages of America's Got Talent, Season 14, making it all the way to the semi-finals! Thank you to Ndlovu for sharing your music on OTC. Check out their story here.

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Xavior is an independent producer and songwriter from Washington DC. Blending the timeless sounds of orchestral instruments with heavy-hitting, synthetic beats, Xavior explores both the simplicity and limitations of electronic music productions, whilst proving that any story can be told through dance.


Listen to the end to catch the vibes of musical artist Xavior and his song "Bad Habits" featuring vocals by Tome. You can find "Bad Habits" and his other music on Spotify at:

And check out his
photography, too!  

Robynn Brieann is a singer/songwriter originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She enjoys continuing her practice of mastering piano and guitar. She loves reading and writing - she always has! Her songwriting started at age 14 and hasn't slowed down yet! She sees every song as a story.

Check out more of Robynn's music on SoundCloud!

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