Our True Colors is a podcast that explores the challenges of being a racial riddle, an ethnic enigma, and a cultural conundrum in a variety of social and organizational settings.

Meet Shawna!

Shawna lives with her family in the DC metro area and currently works as a consultant at a firm in Northern Virginia.


Shawna Gann hails from Anchorage, Alaska but has lived and traveled around the world. Her nearly 15 years living abroad has contributed to her cultural awareness and passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Shawna taught elementary school for most of these years abroad, but her contributions to administration and educator growth eventually led to her doctoral studies in Business Psychology. Her continued passionate support of DEI as a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) in organizations was the catalyst for her dissertation topic, understanding the experiences of racially ambiguous women striving for leadership, and the inspiration for Our True Colors.

Here she continues to be an advocate for DEI in conjunction with her work in organizational development. When not working or studying, Shawna enjoys traveling, singing karaoke, and practicing her belly dance skills.


I have so many to thank for their support of this project. Our True Colors is, indeed, a passion project. Thank you to my listeners for validating the relevance of this topic and for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences as you or those you care about see the world of identity and belonging through the lens of racial ambiguity. I thank my son, Christian, for designing my cover art. I am so fortunate to have you and forever appreciate your support. Thank you to my big brother Jason for providing the introduction to Our True Colors and its title! Thank you to my friends and family who have listened to me and weighed in over and over on a number of key elements to the show from the length, to the title, to the topics. I am forever grateful. Thank you to my family for being patient and understanding as I pour into my passion project. Producing this show takes time and money. Thank you for your support!

~ Shawna M. Gann, 2020